MacInnis Construction is owned and operated by Gary MacInnis and Heather MacInnis, of Noblesville, IN. Our focus is on high quality craftsmanship with great attention to detail. "We strive to provide excellent customer service by staying in very close contact with our customers from the design phase all the way through project completion."


A sample of our projects.

Hunting Equipment Room, Noblesville, IN

Hunting Equipment Room, Noblesville, IN

This customer came to us with the desire to turn an unused room into a place to store hunting...
Commercial Facade, Noblesville, Indiana

Logan St. Commercial Fascade – Noblesville, IN

This commercial space in downtown Noblesville required a major facelift to modernize it, while...
Kitchen Remodel, Noblesville, IN

Cherry Street Kitchen Remodel - Noblesville, IN

This is a kitchen remodel in an historic house in "Old Town" Noblesville. The homeowners wanted a...
Historic Home, Soffit Work, Macinnis Construction

Historic Home, Soffit Work

This house had some extensive rot in the soffit and, as we discovered at demo, on rafter tails and...
Cherry St. Bathroom Remodel #1, Noblesville, IN

Cherry Street Bathroom Remodel #1 - Noblesville, IN

We have completed two bath remodels for this homeowner. This first one was located on the first...
9th Street Bath Remodel - Noblesville, IN

9th Street Bath Remodel - Noblesville, IN

This is bath remodel completed for a customer who wanted to simply update the finishes and fixtures...