Testimonial #4

Gary and Heather single-handedly restored our faith in contractors and construction projects! After witnessing friends and family face disaster after disaster with home improvement projects, we were hesitant to jump into large projects we had looming. After seeing completed projects by MacInnis Construction, and after hearing from friends and neighbors about the quality of the work they did, we decide to jump in. They didn't disappoint. In fact, Heather, Gary, and their team exceeded our expectations time and again. Their attention to detail and resistance to corner cutting is clear in everything they do. After the amazing work they did on our first project, we started making a list of projects that we'd love to have them do. Whether your old home needs some love (like ours!) or your newer home needs repairs or upgrades, I know from experience that you won't find better people for the job. They do what they say they will do (and more) when they say they will do it--an ethic to which few businesses truly adhere today. They really are the best!
Lauren and Tim Parker